Purple actually gives you everything that a professional event planner would, but it also puts you in the driver’s seat; providing you with all the know-how, tools and access to premium vendors. This empowers you to take charge of the creative process, not to mention saving their high fees.

    Google is great, and theoretically, you could probably create an event by using it. But it’s a very hit-and-miss, time-consuming and hassling process that primarily provides you just with directories, DIY templates and long articles. Purple on the other hand provides a step-by-step how-to that is 100% tailored to your needs and desires.

    The beautiful thing about Purple is that it is absolutely free. That includes all planning, pricing and strategy tools, as well as concept inspiration resources.. You only have to pay the vendors and a small payment processing fee that goes to Stripe, the payment service we use.

    Once you create an event and book all the vendors, payment is charged and processed but we hold it as a deposit until the event has been successfully created. Only then do we release it to the different vendors that helped create your perfect event.

    HelloPurple has a 97% customer satisfaction rate. With that said, the secret to ensuring your expectations are met is communication. Make sure you communicate any question or concern you may have at any point during the process with the vendors or directly with us. We won't leave any stone unturned to make sure your event is a blast.

    In the rare case the event doesn’t meet your expectations, our conflict resolution department will investigate the circumstances, and in case one of the vendors is at fault, we will make sure you are compensated based on the specific circumstances.

    HelloPurple specializes in creating a wide range of corporate events. From client events, to board meetings to milestone celebrations. Whatever the event our AI driven system tailors a unique event to your specific requirements.

    We provide EVERY type of service required for ANY type of event. From booking venues to catering, to photography, AV equipment and live bands. Once you log in to your personal dashboard, you will see each and every service you could possibly want or need.

    Life is unpredictable. We get that. But we are also responsible to the different vendors who are investing their time and resources into your event. Unfortunately, if you cancel up to one week before the event, we can't provide any refund. If you cancel 2 weeks in advance, we provide you with an 85% refund (minus the down payment)

    On your personal HelloPurple dashboard you have the ability to make additional requests to each and every vendor at any given moment. In the event that the requested change affects multiple services, such as number of guests or change of venue, our system notifies all stakeholders and automatically event updates the proposals.

    As a general rule of thumb, the earlier you start planning the better. To stay on the safe side, we recommend starting to plan up to a month in advance.

    HelloPurple has conducted extensive due diligence to ensure that ALL vendors are of the highest standard. This includes extensive customer reviews and referrals as well as in-depth interviews before approving their presence on the Purple platform.

    Once you create the brief for your event, our SmartSystem ™ automatically sends your request for proposals to multiple vendors. After this, you can communicate directly with them via chat through your personal dashboard.

    Think Airbnb, but for event creation.

    We take a flat rate 12% commission from each different vendor. For the event creator, all usage of the platform is completely free of charge except for the industry standard payment processing fee.


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