Why Tech companies are ditching traditional event planners and adopting a DIY attitude

The dreaded R-word is upon us and most tech companies, like other companies across the board, are seeing their budgets being brutally slashed.

When it comes to corporate events, many companies have reduced both the frequency and the velocity. But still, events remain a central part of many corporate strategies, whether to strengthen team morale, celebrate key milestones or communicate with different stakeholders.

But as budgets are being cut, the need still remains; and something has to give. Instead of signing blank cheques for professional event planners, more is being expected from in-house staff. Improvisation and a do-it-yourself approach is being encouraged, and with so much information at the tip of our fingers, many are starting to ask the question, how hard could it really be to create an event?

Typing in “planning an event” into google brings up endless tips and guidelines to planning the event. Need inspiration? No worries, just check out moodboards for absolutely everything on Pinterest.

Anyone following this for the first time will get an initial sense of elation. Wow, this is really easy.
But then, they start calling different vendors, getting proposals…going back and forth over the fine print; spending hours trying to understand the difference between Magenta and Fuchsia, between pinewood, pinecones and pineapple..

And as the date of the big event is nearing at blinding speed, you start wishing you had someone else handling all of this. You wish you had a professional event planner. But then you remember that you don’t have the budget for one.

And then you remember that your friend from HR at mentioned HelloPurple, that new platform that makes it ridiculously easy to create your perfect event.

Part planning tool, part inspiration, HelloPurple walks the Average Jane & Joe through each and every step of the planning process, providing access to a wide range of vendors in the area.

As more and more HR professionals and office managers are starting to use the Purple platform, companies are learning that the DIY approach is not only contagious, it is creating a new level of inclusiveness and a more grassroots attitude that is being felt across the board.

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