Leveraging AI to secure stakeholder buy-in for your corporate event

Corporate events are vital for fostering networking, knowledge-sharing, and brand building. However, convincing your boss and other key stakeholders to invest time, money and organizational resources can be rather challenging, especially during the current financial climate.

But with AI and data analytics, corporate event planners like you can now provide data-driven insights that can help secure stakeholder buy-in like never before. By adding a layer of data science to something that has traditionally been viewed as a nice-to-have rather than a must-have, the case for creating smart events has never been stronger.

Goals and KPI’s

Ultimately, organisations don’t just create events for the fun of it; they create them to achieve a purpose and engage their guests. Every event needs its goals and KPI’s.

Whether you’re creating an executive retreat, a product launch or a lavish new year bash, every event has a number of parameters that are not only measurable, but vital for your organization’s decision-making process. This can include such things as guest attendance rates, overall satisfaction all the way to such things as feeling more connected to the brand, how many new networking opportunities came up, and so on and so forth...

Purple helps you integrate just the right questions already at the planning stages, and then through automated post-event feedback surveys you can gather the data from each and every guest. With its advanced analytics, you can benchmark this data (and much much more) with industry standards, as well as compare events with past ones to continually improve.

Engagement & Personalization

When it comes down to it, every event comes down to what you want your guests to experience. You want them to be as engaged as possible. The best way to create engagement is to truly “see” each and every one of your guests; ie personalization.

The data you get from Purple helps you significantly cater to the specific needs of your guests, as well as follow their levels of engagement from event to event, and improve their experience. It also lets you gather their feedback and easily incorporate it into the planning of your next event.

This level of transparent and accurate data-driven decision making lets you make better decisions and not only create better events, but turn your guests into true believers.

Data-driven budget decisions:

One of the biggest challenges in creating events is knowing what something should cost. AI lets you not only know industry benchmarks, but can actually let you know what your competition is spending.

It lets you break down the overall cost into unit economics and gives you the flexibility of making budgetary decisions that balance between achieving your goal and working within a realistic budget.

Purple’s AI-driven Budget Builder helps you streamline the entire budget planning process, constantly providing actionable recommendations on how to allocate your budget more effectively, and letting you make the right decisions on the go as new data comes in.

Competitive advantage: Standing out in the market

AI adoption can not only give your corporate event a competitive edge, it can be further leveraged to help your organisation differentiate itself from others in the industry -- and can be persuasive to stakeholders, especially those focused on market positioning, PR and social media.

The Purple Way

Purple takes all that AI-driven data and arranges it in sleek, user-friendly dashboards that make the case for your plan better than you could ever imagine. It is a perfect solution for addressing concerns and presenting ROI projections to help you build the required trust for getting total buy-in.

Purple is not just a strategic tool for corporate event planning, it is ushering in a new era of excellence and extraordinary experiences.

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