Celebrate Success With These Unforgettable End of the Year Events

We're just a few months away from the end of yet another year. That means it's about time for your business to start brainstorming ideas for an end of the year party. These special corporate events give you an opportunity to recognize each member of your team for their unique accomplishments and end the year on a high note.

That isn't the only reason you should host a holiday party, either.

Why Are End of the Year Corporate Events Important?

Take a moment to think back on all your fondest memories and most important moments. There's a good chance you take the time to celebrate at least a few of those moments each year. You're by no means alone in that, either.

Human beings love milestones. We love being able to earmark the different chapters of our lives with special celebrations. That's exactly what an end of the year company party does — it signifies to everyone involved that they've completed another leg of their journey with your organization.

It can also provide an enormous boost to morale. By examining all the ways the business and its people grew, you nurture a sense of price. And by showing everyone the role they played in the company's success, you help them feel celebrated and appreciated.

That might seem like a very small thing at first glance, but consider:

You get the idea. By showing your people a bit of kindness and appreciation, you can potentially increase both the quality and output of their work. There's another factor to consider here, as well.

The holidays

It's far better to have your employees kick off their vacation with a sense of pride rather than one of exhaustion. That way, they'll return to the office ready and willing to dive back in rather than constantly struggling to overcome the post-holiday slump. They know they're coming back to a company that appreciates their contributions, and a workplace culture that treats them as human beings rather than a human resource.

The value of that mindset cannot be understated.

Eight Excellent End of the Year Celebration Ideas

We've hammered on the importance of a company party more than enough at this point. Next, we're going to showcase a few unique company party ideas. With any luck, you'll find inspiration in at least one of these.

Award Ceremony

A simple award ceremony might be a bit vanilla as end of the year theme ideas go, sure. But it also works. It lets you identify, recognize and celebrate not just your highest achievers, but also also the silent heroes who — while they weren't the top performers — were still instrumental to your company's success.

When planning this event, feel free to brainstorm as many different categories and awards as you like. We've also provided a few examples below.

  • Employee of the Year.

  • Best customer service.

  • Most improved.

  • Office morale champion.

  • Notable work anniversary.

  • Best team player.

  • Best volunteer work.

  • Top innovator.

Don't just thank the employees who you recognize with awards, either. Wrap things up by thanking everyone at your company. Your people, after all, are your lifeblood.

Without them, your business wouldn't exist.

Company Retreat

A corporate retreat can be a great way to end the year on a high note while also giving your employees a chance to get out of the office and start their vacation early. You can go as basic or as over the top with this as you like. We know of some businesses that rent out an entire hotel for two weeks, giving their employees free food, room, and board.

Masquerade Ball

A blast from the past that gives everyone the chance to dress themselves up as fancy as possible, a well-executed themed masquerade ball can be incredibly entertaining. While you should remind employees that this is a black tie event, you should also encourage them to go over-the-top with their costumes. You could even consider taking things a step further by hosting a costume contest.

Workplace Game Show

Most of us will never be on a televised game show. It's pretty likely that most of us don't even want to be. While contests like Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy can be fun to watch from the couch, participation is a whole different can of worms, with one exception — if, instead of doing things before a live studio audience, you're surrounded by friends and colleagues.

An office game show not only has the potential to be incredibly memorable, but also provides an opportunity for team building. You can even celebrate your company's growth and achievements as part of the competition by featuring questions about the business and industry.

Talent Show

Everyone has a hobby or two that they're passionate about, and a few talents that don't directly relate to their job. As part of your year-end celebration, why not give your employees the chance to show those talents off? For one, it'll foster a far deeper sense of camaraderie between employees.

You might also discover some of your people have hidden talents you never noticed. Many of these talents could, in the future, even provide opportunities for advancement and professional development. Maybe Amy from IT is an incredibly gifted storyteller, or Bill from accounting has a knack for creating jaw-droppingly beautiful paintings.

There's one caveat here, though. Don't force anyone to participate. While you can offer small incentives, the only people who should go up on stage should be the ones who want to be there.

Food and Drink

We're going to cheat a bit for this next one, as it's technically less of an event idea than an entire category of events. Few things bring people together more effectively than good food and drink. And while there's a case to be made for including catering at any end of year celebration, there's also nothing wrong with making food the entire focus.

Some possible ideas include:

  • Wine tasting.

  • A company potluck.

  • Happy hour.

  • A cocktail making course.

  • An all you can eat buffet.

Friendly Competition

We already touched on the idea of a bit of friendly competition with our office game show idea. Our next suggestion is going to dive a bit deeper into that concept. While you should do your best to avoid making things too hostile and intense, a good-natured contest can be perfect for not only strengthening bonds between team members but also resolving tension that might exist in the workplace.

We already touched on the idea of a bit of friendly competition with our office game show idea. Our next suggestion is going to dive a bit deeper into that concept. While you should do your best to avoid making things too hostile and intense, a good-natured contest can be perfect for not only strengthening bonds between team members but also resolving tension that might exist in the workplace.

In addition to talent shows, game shows and costume contests, some possible ideas here could include:

  • Office olympics, a series of physical and/or athletic events that exclusively use office supplies.

  • A desk-wrapping competition.

  • A cookie or cake decorating contest.

  • Bingo.

  • A quiz session. Bonus points if you can find a way to make the quiz directly relate to your organization and industry.

Game Night

Tabletop gaming has experienced something of a renaissance over the past several years. Games like Dungeons & Dragons are more popular and better-known than ever, publicly enjoyed by everyone from celebrities to professional athletes. Why not tap into some of that popularity with your end of year celebration?

You could have someone host a special end of year one-shot game for your employees. Alternatively, you could have a general board game night where you encourage everyone to suggest a game or two they'd like to play. You don't need to stick purely to tabletop games either.

Titles like Fall Guys, Jackbox, Overcooked and Mario Party could all be a huge hit with your employees.

End Your Year on a High Note

The end of the year holds a great deal of significance for most people. It's a time of celebration and reflection, a time to look forward to the year to come and consider what you might do differently. And for your business, it's a time to give your people a celebration they'll remember — and one that they deserve.

Reach out, and we'll show you how Purple can help you do exactly that.

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