How one event helped Jane M. a senior office manager at a tech company, discover her passion for creativity

When it comes to exploring creativity, the journey is often more important than the final destination. Most professional event planners would agree with that statement, but then that’s why most of them chose that profession to begin with.

But as more and more people get exposed to the HelloPurple platform, many are realizing that creativity is something we all have in us; it’s just a question of getting the opportunity to explore it.

Jane M, a senior office manager for a tech company in NYC was used to creating all the company’s events.

In other words, Jane would call a professional event planner, sign an open cheque and have the event planned and created.

Jane had more important things to handle, and she never quite gave too much attention to what went into creating an event. She knew who to trust and the events were always spot on. She just wanted to sample the catering, but that had nothing to do with her job description. She just appreciated good food and the caterers were usually good looking.

And then Corona came, so no need for any events. Corona went, but then came cuts to the budget. And then one day Jane was told they decided to create a smaller budget event, but with the same expectations in terms of outcome. In other words, Jane was expected to become an event planner and creator overnight.

So Jane started out by typing “how the heck do I plan an event” into google. That brought up endless articles on how to plan an event. Before she knew it, a day had passed and she read a bunch of articles…but she was still nowhere near to knowing where to begin…

“I realized that creating an event is like conducting an orchestra, and all I could think about was if one instrument is out of tune, the whole event can come crashing down.”

Jane experienced some serious stress, spending too much focus on what could go wrong instead of focusing on what could go right.

But following a power lunch with a friend who had recently used the HelloPurple platform, she decided to give it a try.

After a quick onboarding process that defined what Jane needed for the event, and walking her through each and every step of the planning process, Jane finally had the clear brief she was looking for to get the ball rolling. Now she just had to reach out to the right vendors to bring her vision to life.

“One of the greatest things about the Purple platform is that once it helps me define my needs, it automatically sends that brief to all the people who can help me make it happen. It sends them my exact requirements, my budget and even my concept. I not only get proposals back from each and everyone, I actually get creative suggestions that compliment my initial idea.”

The initial stress quickly turned into creative excitement…instead of focusing on what could go wrong, Jane found herself having creative dialogues with vendors she’s never known, discussing soundtracks, lightning options.

“The first event was so fantastic, I could only think about the next event…it ignited my imagination and made me want to try out different things. The only problem with this, is that the rest of my job feels so boring now.”

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